What is the recruiting process for ΦAK?

To become a pledge at Phi Alpha Kappa, the first step is to contact the Vice President expressing interest in pledgeship. There is a pledge application process, and all the applications are reviewed and voted on by the active members. One must be accepted in to pledgeship before he is allowed to pledge the Fraternity.

What is the time commitment for a member of ΦAK?

For most of the year, the time commitment for an active member of Phi Alpha Kappa is limited to approximately one evening per month, as is required for monthly house meetings. Additionally, there are social events planned throughout the year that may require some form of commitment from each and every member.

How much does it cost to join?

Rent fluctuates by year and is set at the end of the school year. Currently, rent is $620 per month, with a $150 social due being collected each semester.

Are there academic requirements for members?

No, there are not. Part of the spirit of the Fraternity is based in high academic standards, but at no point will the Fraternity turn its back on a member who is struggling academically.

Are members required to live in the house?

Yes, if there are open rooms, members are required to live in the house.

What leadership opportunities exist within ΦAK?

There are a number of positions that are filled by popular vote at the end of each school year that provide excellent opportunities for leadership and service of the Fraternity.

What other campus organizations are ΦAK members involved with?

Many members of Phi Alpha Kappa are involved in other Christian communities on Campus such as Campus Chapel, Young Life, University Christian Outreach, and CRU. Members are also involved in secular groups such as Students Acting Against Cancer, MRacing, and Engineering Global Leadership.

What makes ΦAK different from other fraternities on campus?

Phi Alpha Kappa builds strong and lasting bonds between brothers based on similar Christian values, and similar upbringing.

Where can I get more information?

Please contact vp@phialphakappa.com for more information.